E-mail: rdhawkins@princeton.edu

I’m interested in social interaction and the cognitive mechanisms that allow people to flexibly coordinate and communicate with one another, particularly those involved in the formation of social conventions and norms. I work on these problems using interactive multi-player experiments and computational models of communication and social reasoning. Here’s a recent workshop talk that is reasonably representative.

In Fall 2019, I started a post-doc as a C.V. Starr Fellow at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. My research is also supported by an NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

I recently defended my dissertation in the Department of Psychology at Stanford. Previously, I graduated from Indiana University in 2014 with degrees in Mathematics and Cognitive Science and spent the summers of 2012 and 2013 as an Edward A. Knapp Undergraduate Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute.

The best work is done in collaboration and these are some of my collaborators: